With your paid admission ticket to this event, you will be given access to all of the following activities listed below. In addition to these activities, you'll also receive free parking and access to all of our courtyard games and events. Our food station will be open and available for food, snack, and drink purchases during the weekend. We'll also have several additional activities and merchandise available for purchase.


Our main draw will be our sunflower field with over 150,000 blooms for your viewing pleasure. We will have red, yellow, orange, black and every size you can imagine for your picking and viewing pleasure.


If you are interested in playing at the festival in 2020, please message us


We will have multiple stations in the field set up for your perfect photo of you and your loved ones. Wether it is a new Instagram photo or and updated Facebook photo, you will get them all here.


Every admission includes one sunflower bloom of your choice. If you are looking for more we have lots of options for you to choose from. We also have decorative containers for you to take them home in.


If you are interested in being a vendor, please message us


With Saturday and Sunday admission you will be given a ride around the field to see the beauty of the field from our trailer. Enjoy the views while taking a ride in the trailer. We will not be running the trailer on Fridays.



Join us for a morning class on Saturday and Sunday. We will have a YOGA classes in the middle of our sunflower field BY MOVI. You will not find a better way to relax and recharge, than YOGA in the sunflower field.
There will only be 4 classes, one every Saturday and Sunday at 11AM. Space is limited so do not wait to buy your tickets.


Stay tuned for the Dates for 2020

Professional Photography

We have had a lot of request for photography secession with professional photographer's. We offer packages for photographers for the event. For these packages they are allowed full access to our area for $200 for a 3 hour period of time. You are allowed to take props and supplies to the field as long as they can be carried to the location. There will only allow be a limited number of these passes available per day. Please contact us for availability.


For more information on this event, reach out to us by clicking the link below. If you are a craft vendor or you are just looking to attend, reach out to us for more details and we will be happy to respond

NB Sunflower Festival

@ Green Pig Country Market

2927 Fredericton Road
Salisbury, NB
E4J 2E6
(506) 372-5640